Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mini Target Haul!

Greetings everyone!  Your neighborhood weirdo is here with a few goodies from target!  

Ta-da!  And here they are!  I will be reviewing the nail polishes in the future and perhaps feature the shirt in an outfit of the day.  

Hold on!  I got ahead of myself.

The first thing i purchased is a Merona aquatic blue-green sleeveless top that you can see above.  It's very thin and light, but opaque so nothing underneath shows through.  It also has a very deep V-neck, so you might have to wear something underneath anyway.  But the lightweight feel and the slight oversized make is perfect if you live somewhere where it's warm year round.

The next thing is a nail polish from Maybelline New York's Color Show.  This one is a Vintage Leather finish in the color 895 Classic Camel and it's a real good lookin' bronze-y gold color.  My sister had purchased a nail polish like this before and liked it, so when I saw this polish I thought 'Hey there good lookin'.  I heard great things about you, so I shall purchase you.  Okay?  Great!'

The third and last thing I traded money for was the Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat in the color 500 Fuzz-Sea, and it looks so much like a fuzzy, knitted sweater!  Which is basically the only reason why I bought it...

Thanks for reading!  I appreciate it a lot!  Don't forget to comment below on what else else you wanna see, your input let's me know you care!  I'llseeyatomarow!


  1. I love Target so much bargains you an get!
    Anna Czarina

    1. Me too! It's like my second home, lol!

      -Creepo's Blogs