Monday, October 14, 2013

Terrible Buy # 1: Wet n' Wild Coverall Cream Foundation

Hello everyone!  Today, I just want to warn you guys of the worst foundation I have ever tried!  I'm always looking for reasonably priced makeup that is good quality, as do anyone with a tight budget.      Sometimes I will find amazing products, but other times I will find products that are absolutely a waste of money.  This foundation fits the latter.  It is supposed to be for oily or combination skin types, but it couldn't have felt more oily on my skin.  Not only did it feel super slick, but it was terrible at covering anything.  It seems like it just skipped over any blemishes, scarring, or pores!  And to top it off, it smelled funny.  All in all, I would highly advise to steer clear from this product!

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